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Beard Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation

The beard is one of the men's accessories that catches the eye as much as the hair at first glance. In fact, if you have noticed, there is a serious difference in appearance between a man with a beard and without a beard. Men may look younger without beards. But the different air and charisma that the beard brings to men is an undeniable fact. Beard transplantation is also an effective method to provide you with the image you want to have.

Problems such as sparseness, shedding and baldness in hair are also manifested in beard as corners, sparseness or shedding. Of course, the main factors in beard problems; genetic structure, stress and health reasons. As with hair, beard problems can also have negative effects on a person's psychology. For the image you want to have, as First Class-Esthetic, we are at your side with our clinic in accordance with hygienic rules and European standards, fully equipped technological equipment and expert staff. As a result of the interview with our experts, you can easily have the look you dream of by determining the most suitable beard shape for you and your face. You can contact us for more information.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

​FUE method is used in beard transplantation as in hair transplantation.

The first step in beard transplantation is the determination of the donor area. When determining the donor area, if the beard is to be tightened, it is taken from the lower part of the beard, if there is no beard, it is taken from the nape area. The most suitable donor area is determined by our specialist after the examinations. After the determination is made, the area to be planted and how many hair follicles will be used are determined. After this stage, the channel opening process is performed and the grafts taken from the donor area are placed into the opened channels one by one with micro motor devices.

In the meantime, let's add a footnote;

  • If your beard is sparse, the DHI technique integrated into the FUE method,
  • If you want to minimize bleeding and crusting after beard transplantation, the Sapphire Technique integrated into the FUE method will be the most suitable choice for you.
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Who is Beard Transplantation for?​

Beard transplantation is applied to people who have beard problems such as corner, sparseness or shedding, as it is known in the common language. If you want to find a definitive solution to your beard problems and feel better psychologically, beard transplantation is for you.

What is the Price of Beard Transplantation?

As First Class-Esthetic, you have no doubt that we will do our best for you to have the look you dream of with the most suitable pricing for your budget.

​Remember… As First Class-Esthetic, we are here for your health and happiness…

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