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Frequently Asked Questions About Bisectomy

How Long Does a Bisectomy Take?

The process takes an average of 40-50 minutes.

Does Bisectomy Have Permanent Consequences?

This is a permanent procedure, but all instructions for the postoperative period must be carefully followed. If deformity has occurred in the bisectomy area due to excessive weight gain and loss, it can be easily reconstructed.


Can Men Have Bisectomies Too?

It is one of the highlights from both the canal and the surgery.

Is There an Age Limit for Bisectomy?

It is important that the person has completed the age of 18 and has completed his physical development. There is no upper age limit for bisectomy, the highest demand is in the 30-40 age group of men and women.

When Does The Face Take Its Final Face Shape After Bisectomy?

It lasts between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the patient's skin structure and compliance with the doctor's instructions.

Is Bisectomy A Painful Procedure?

Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there is no pain during the procedure. Painkillers given by the doctor are sufficient for mild pain that may occur after surgery.

Bisectomy Prices 2022

Prices are affected by many factors, from which surgeon and from which hospital to the density of the adipose tissue. For this reason, precise information about the price can be given after a preliminary check with a photograph. Please contact us for detailed information and price requests.

The Place of Bisectomy in Beauty Tourism

Recently, many local people, both men and women, have undergone bisectomy in Turkey. State-of-the-art hospitals, specialist surgeons, and world-class health tourism agencies play an important role in making Turkey so popular for bisectomy. Istanbul is the center here. If you are interested, it is sufficient to send a photo to the agency you prefer and trust for preliminary examination. The fact that bisectomy is a simple and short procedure, the speed of discharge and affordable prices in Istanbul and Turkey increase the demand day by day.

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