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FAQ About Dental Aesthetics

Which Method Is The Most Durable Among The Types Of Coating In Dental Aesthetics?

Among the types of coating, zirconium coating is the most durable and has the longest service life. As long as they are not subjected to very hard knocks or shocks and are cared for as recommended by the doctor, it can be said that the zirconia coated teeth can be worn for a lifetime.

Does Dental Aesthetics Offer The Possibility Of Obtaining The Desired Degree Of Whiteness?

There are different stages of whiteness in all types of coatings. The patient can choose the degree of whiteness of the coating to be used according to their own wishes. Of course, color options are available for patients who are satisfied with their natural tooth color and only have crowns fitted because of deformations.

Is There An Age Limit In Dental Aesthetics?

In dental aesthetics, as in any aesthetic operation, it is important that the person has reached the age of 18 and the development of the teeth is complete. There is no upper age limit. A veneer replaces teeth that have lost their function or health due to aging, ensuring that the teeth are complete, have the desired degree of whiteness, and are fully functional.

Is Dental Aesthetics a Painful Process?

Regardless of what type of coating is applied, there will be no pain during the procedure, since the procedures are performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, when the anesthesia wears off, mild or moderate pain and tingling is normal, depending on the person's pain threshold. It is important to use the painkillers prescribed by the doctor in good time in order to survive the process without any problems.

How Long Is The Process Of Getting Used To Dental Aesthetics?

Since dental aesthetics eliminates color, shape or asymmetry problems of the teeth, which are one of the most noticeable elements of the face, its positive effect on people is undeniable. For this reason, one can say that this adjustment process is problem-free and very short-lived, since people get their dream teeth. However, the full habituation period can be given as about 15 days.

Is it Possible To Remove Unsatisfactory Coatings?

Such a request is very rare, as coatings are tried on prior to placement. However, if necessary, the coatings can be removed very easily.

When Can You Eat Again After An Aesthetic Dental Procedure?

The anesthetic should have worn off after the procedure, i.e. after about 2 hours.

Prices For Dental Aesthetics And Implants 2022

Aesthetic dentistry prices can vary depending on what type of coating is used, whether pre-coating treatment is required, at which clinic and doctor, and how many teeth are being treated. The implant prices are also variable depending on the coating to be used and the number of them. For detailed information, price inquiries and appointments, please contact us.

The Significance Of Dental Aesthetics In Beauty Tourism

In dental aesthetics, especially in Turkey, zirconium coating is in high demand and preferred.

The key players in this intense demand are health tourism agencies that offer world-class service and prioritize health over commerce.

With clinics adapting to the developing technology, specialized dentists and cheap price options, Istanbul often hosts patients from all over the world for dental aesthetics.

The first examination of patients with a desire for dental aesthetics can be carried out using photos, which is a significant advantage for patients from abroad.

Dental aesthetics is a process of about 7-10 days for patients from abroad.

During this period, patients who come to Istanbul for dental aesthetics stay in five-star hotels and benefit from the comfort of their trips between the hotel and the hospital thanks to the agencies' transfer services.

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