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Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed from the Nape of the Neck?

Nape Hair Transplant

The problem of hair loss, which everyone, regardless of men and women, experiences much more frequently than expected, is a process that involves a lot of research at this stage and when the situation becomes annoying, solutions are sought. Hair transplantation offers the most accurate solution at this point, not only bringing back the patient's lost hair, but also densifying all the parts that are sparse and open.

While researching hair transplantation, questions such as where the transplanted hair is taken from and is it possible to transplant hair from the nape of the neck? Questions like this are asked. We can answer yes to this question. In the hair transplantation process, the hair in the nape area of the patient is used. In this way, the hair in the nape area is easily attached to the transplanted area. Since the patient will have his/her own hair, a complete integrity is ensured in the hairy area on the scalp.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed and What Should Be Considered?

Hair transplantation is performed by placing the grafts taken from the nape of the neck between the two ears, which is called the donor area, on the parts with hair loss. In this sense, is hair transplantation from the nape of the neck possible? The question is also answered. Different methods used in hair transplantation are suitable for the patient. Apart from this, some items to be considered in the process can be listed as follows:

  • The first and most important step is that the procedure, which is a surgical operation, must be performed in an operating room with sterile conditions and by a specialist doctor.
  • All health history should be shared with the doctor.
  • Caffeine-containing beverages should be stopped one week before the operation.
    Alcohol, cigarettes and blood thinners should be discontinued one week before the operation.
  • On the day of the operation, no natural or chemical products should be applied to the hair and clean hair should be worn.
  • The first wash after the operation should be done by the doctor in the clinic.
  • In subsequent washes, the hair transplantation area can be washed with fingertips using gentle movements.
  • Smoking, alcohol, blood thinners and caffeine-containing beverages are not recommended for one week after the operation.
  • Heavy sports should not be practiced for the first month.
  • No product or application should be used without the doctor's knowledge.
  • The hair transplantation area should be protected from the sun.

What Are the Most Common Hair Transplant Methods?

FUE and DHI techniques, which are most commonly used in hair transplantation, have very successful results. FUE, the most prominent among the methods, includes two options. Hair transplantation with a tool with sapphire or steel tips provides a progress that the patient will be happy with. The sapphire option helps to get smoother and more grafts. The fact that the patient does not feel any pain thanks to local anesthesia is also considered among the pros of the procedure.

The DHI technique is also known as the pen technique. This is because the procedure is performed with a pen-like device. Some of the advantages of the technique are the placement of the grafts taken by opening minimal channels and being among the painless procedures.

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