Does A New One Grow Instead Of Hair Loss?


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Does A New One Grow Instead Of Hair Loss?

The answer to the question does hair regrow instead of hair loss can be found by consciously conducting the research results through an objective evaluation process. The concern of whether new hair will grow instead of hair loss requires a professional opinion in this sense. Experiencing confusion and taking wrong steps as a result of research to be done at home can make the existing problem much worse.

Trying methods without knowing important factors such as hair structure and allergies;

  • Redness,
  • Itchy rashes,
  • Scaling,
  • Acceleration of hair loss

can cause problems such as hair loss. In the problem of hair loss, whether new hair grows in place of the hair loss is directly proportional to the underlying cause. In some cases, it may be possible for new hair to grow, while in some cases, unfortunately, it is not possible for new hair to grow.

In this case, hair transplantation can be considered. Hair transplantation, which will be performed by a specialist doctor in the field, can be a permanent solution in the process of regaining lost hair.

What to Do When Hair Loss Occurs?

When a hair loss problem is noticed, a doctor's help should be sought without wasting time. After performing the necessary examinations and tests, the doctor can identify the underlying problems of hair loss. This point is essential for the treatment of hair loss problem. According to the underlying cause, the doctor informs that new ones will or will not grow instead of the shed hair. Afterwards, medication or hair transplantation may be recommended for this problem.

After the answer to the question of whether new hair will grow instead of hair loss, the doctor will inform about the steps to be taken and the treatment will be shaped accordingly. It is also very important not to be late when hair loss is noticed. If hair transplantation is decided as a result of the examination and examinations, the doctor's control and application at this stage also play an important role in the success of the procedure and not to cause any negative consequences in terms of health. Hair transplantation is stated as a permanent solution when applied correctly and provides lifelong use thanks to the care of the patient.

Factors Causing Hair Loss Problem

There are many reasons for hair loss problem. These are; sometimes harmful habits, sometimes medicines used, and rarely, they can also be symptoms of serious problems.

The main causes of hair loss in general:

  • Systemic diseases
  • Intense stress, sadness
  • Habits such as excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption
  • Excessive abrasive and excessive heat treatment applications
  • B12, vitamin D deficiencies
  • Malnutrition
  • Incorrect product usage
  • Genetic predisposition
  • It can be listed as factors such as pregnancy and puerperium.

Although hair loss is a problem that is complained about regardless of gender and seriously reduces the quality of life, as long as it is under the control of a doctor, it can be expressed as a problem where the most accurate steps are taken and a solution can be reached.

In this way, the quality of life increases and the patient becomes more self-confident, contributing to a positive life.

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