Painless Local Anaesthesia (Local Anaesthesia Without Needle)


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Painless Local Anaesthesia (Local Anaesthesia Without Needle)

Today, it is possible to evaluate the needle as a common fear of many people. It is possible to encounter this fear not only in hair transplantation but also in all aesthetic or essential operations.

Needle-free local anaesthesia technique is invaluable for those who need hair transplantation, who want to have hair transplantation, but who give up the procedure because of the fear of needles, or who postpone the procedure waiting to overcome their fear.

How Is Needle Free Local Anaesthesia Applied?

In this technique, anaesthesia is administered with the help of an instrument called intradermal projection, which is used to deliver the anaesthetic fluid placed inside it under the skin by applying high pressure. With the onset of loss of sensation in the applied areas, the patient is ready for hair transplantation. And after local anaesthesia without needle is applied, the hair transplanted individual does not feel any pain or ache during the procedure.

To Whom Is Needle Free Local Anaesthesia Applied?

Needle free local anaesthesia is a technique that can be applied to anyone who wants and prefers it without any restrictions. The use of high pressure instead of needle has recently made this technique preferable for many patients.

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