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Hair Transplant with Sedayson

What is Sedayson?

We can define sedation as the conscious state of anesthesia. While under anesthesia the individual is asleep, during sedation the individual is awake and does not feel pain or ache. In short, the individual is conscious and numb during the operation.

How is Sedation Applied?

The anesthesiologist administers controlled medication to the individual intravenously. Although the patient is conscious, the individual becomes ready for the operation when the area to be treated becomes numb.

Who is Sedation Applied to?

There is no obstacle to the use of sedation if preferred. It is a saving practice especially for individuals with needle phobia, fear and anxiety. There is no age limit or restriction for sedation.

Advantages of Sedation;

  • No sensation of pain or soreness
  • Prevents sudden movements arising from fear, anxiety or reflex
  • Since consciousness is clear, it is possible to follow the process until the end of the procedure.

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