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What are the Solution Applications for Hair Loss?

What are the Solution Applications for Hair Loss?

When your hair starts to fall out due to natural causes or external factors, there are three ways to find a solution.

One of them is "prosthetic hair". Prosthetic hair is the process of applying the wig prepared for you to the thinning or balding area with water-based adhesive. If you prefer this method, you have to have maintenance for an average of 3-8 weeks. In other words, you will go to the center you prefer once a month on average, after the necessary care is done to both your hair and your prosthesis, your prosthesis will be glued to your hair again.

Another method is "hair simulation". In this method, drawings are made on the thinning areas with hair technique. Although it makes the sparse areas look more dense, it does not have a satisfactory effect on balding areas.

Apart from these methods, "hair transplantation" can be preferred. The most important difference of hair transplantation compared to other methods and the most preferred reason is its naturalness. Your roots, called grafts, taken from your nape area, which we call the donor area, are transplanted to the thinning or balding area and you continue your process with your own hair. After the hair transplant operation, it takes only 4 days to return to your normal life. In the following 9 months, 90% of your hair grows and at the end of one year, you will be 10 years younger.

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