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What Is Lasik?

Lasik (Laser – Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is defined as laser-assisted shaping of the cornea in situ. If we explain the definition a little more; It is called the treatment of eye defects such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism by laser method called excimer laser.

The eye is undoubtedly very important, like all our other organs. Until 15-20 years ago, problems related to eye defects were generally tried to be solved with glasses or lenses. However, thanks to laser treatment, which is a revolutionary method, the conditions that lower the standard of life and disrupt the comfort of the person using glasses and lenses have disappeared. Of course, as in every method and treatment, certain conditions are required for the application of the Lasik treatment method.

We will talk about these details later in our article. However, it would not be appropriate if we do not mention a point. Over the last 20 years, more than 50 million people around the world have recovered from their vision problems with this method. At the same time, as the comfort provided by getting rid of glasses and lenses increases the quality of life, the rate of people’s enjoyment of life increases parallelly.

Who Is Lasik Treatment Method Applied?

In order to benefit from this important treatment method, you must first be over the age of 18 and your glasses or lens numbers must not be progressing for at least 1 year. In addition, if no obstacle to the operation is detected after other necessary controls and tests by your specialist, you can easily, painlessly and quickly get rid of your visual defects with the laser method. Tests and controls to be made especially; The examination of your corneal layer is aimed at your eye surface maps and your corneal thickness measurement. Another important feature of Lasik treatment that should be underlined is that the risk of recurrence of the treatment is almost none.

After making sure that you have the necessary conditions for lasik treatment, it is now time to apply. During the operation;

  • Eyes are numbed with an eye drop to be dropped into your eyes in the first place,
  • An apparatus that will prevent you from blinking during the procedure is placed under your eyelids,
  • A device called microkeratome is placed in the eye and flap removal is performed,
    Finally, laser application is started.

What Shloud Be Done After Treatment?

Lasik operation is a short operation that takes 5-10 minutes. After the treatment, lCRİMATİON (TEARİNG), stinging, and sensitivity to light may occur in the eyes for an average of 4-6 hours. In this process; You can protect your eyes by using the medicines given by your specialist regularly and on time, keeping your eyes closed, and wearing sunglasses. As the operation is reliable, fast, and painless, you can return to your normal life the next day.

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