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Which is the Best Method for Hair Transplantation?

There are only two methods of hair transplantation.

1- FUT Method

In this method, strips of hair are cut from the donor area coded not to fall out. Hair follicles are extracted from these scalps and transplanted one by one into the previously opened channels in the sparse or bald area. The procedure is finished by suturing the area.

2- FUE Method

In this method, hair follicles (grafts) are taken one by one from the donor area and these hair follicles are transplanted into the previously opened channels. Since the extraction is done one by one and there is no incision in the donor area, the operation ends after the transplantation.

Today, the most efficient and successful method accepted all over the world is the FUE method.

Contrary to what is said, DHI or SAPPHIRE are not hair transplantation methods, but channel opening techniques developed within the FUE method.
In the light of this information, the method to be preferred is the FUE method, which is used and accepted in hair transplantation, and the technique to be used in channel opening is the one to be decided.

When deciding between DHI and SAPPHIRE techniques, you should remember that the hair structure, skin hardness and the openness of the area to be transplanted will be decisive in these techniques, and that you can make the most accurate decision and the most appropriate technique with the recommendation of your specialist.

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