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Success Rate in Hair Transplantation

After consulting with your specialist, if your donor area and the sparse or bald area to be transplanted are evaluated as suitable for hair transplantation and your operation is performed by an expert, experienced and reliable team, the success rate of hair transplantation is accepted as 97%.

It is reasonable to accept this percentage as the success rate of the team. In the post-operative process, one of the most important parts of the hair transplantation process is to follow the advice and recommendations of your specialist, to take proper care and to take care of your hair as recommended.

Under these conditions, in order to talk about "guaranteed hair transplantation", it is necessary to consider the links of a chain completely. The chain starts with an experienced and specialized team, and continues with the care shown by the individual who has hair transplantation and his/her compliance with the directives and recommendations of the specialist and his/her team. In this case, it is inevitable to achieve the expected and desired result.

As a result, success in hair transplantation is possible with the joint dedication and trust of each individual involved.

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