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What to Do with Hair Loss?

The question of what to do with hair loss is one of the most important expressions used in the searches of those who experience hair loss problems to find a solution, and it shows many ways. The results listed as a result of this search include dozens of methods and products. The situation in question may cause wrong steps to be taken as a result of confusion. In order not to encounter an undesirable situation, it is of great importance to make conscious decisions at this point.

If it is asked what to do with hair loss, the most logical step to be taken at this stage; It will be to see a specialist doctor in the field. Before resorting to different methods for hair loss, the underlying causes of hair loss should be determined. When hair loss is noticed, a doctor should be contacted without delay and examination and necessary analyses should be performed. Then, the necessary procedures are decided together with the patient and clarified within this framework.

What are The Causes of Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss. Therefore, an application without finding the underlying cause may cause unsuccessful results. At the same time, unconscious application of a procedure that is heard and seen from the environment without the knowledge of a doctor without these tests; excessive oiling or drying of the hair, flaking, itchy rashes, accelerated hair loss may cause conditions such as accelerated hair loss.

We can list some of the causes of hair loss as follows:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Systemic diseases
  • Some medicines
  • Intense stress
  • Harmful habits
  • Pregnancy and puerperium
  • Disorders related to hair growth
  • Malnutrition
  • Vitamin deficiencies such as B12, vitamin D
  • Excessive heat exposure, abrasive hair treatments

Many factors other than the listed items can cause hair loss. Considering that everyone's physiological structure is different, there are many different reasons and many methods to eliminate these reasons. Healthy progress of this whole process, doctor control and treatment under the supervision of a doctor, application is essential.

Do Natural Methods Reverse Hair Loss?

Products such as natural masks and mixtures, which are among the first methods used for hair loss problems, mostly offer temporary solutions, but their application without knowing the hair structure and other factors can make the lip worse. When natural products such as coconut, olive oil, almond oil, egg, garlic, lemon, apple cider vinegar are used without considering the amount and hair type, they damage the hair.

As a result of hair loss, openings occur in the hairy areas. Expecting results from natural methods or cosmetic products for these openings can be expressed as applications that require a long time and do not achieve the desired result. Hair transplantation is seen as the definitive and permanent solution for hair loss.

Hair transplantation to the patient who is determined to be suitable for hair transplantation after the examination to be performed under the control of a doctor provides lifelong permanence. Taking the right steps in this whole process contributes to a healthier process as well as improving the quality of life by solving the hair loss problem.

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