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Ekilen Saçlar

When Does Transplanted Hair Grow?

Hair loss problem experienced by many people due to various reasons and genetic predisposition is a problem that seriously reduces the quality of life and causes loss of self-confidence.

Those who experience hair loss problems, by doing research on what they can do, first turn to cosmetic products that promise hair growth.

These products, most of which have harmful ingredients used unconsciously, can make the existing problem worse. The fact that it usually causes allergies also shows the importance of not taking unconscious steps. Hair transplantation procedure comes into play at this point and provides the elimination of the existing problem with a high success rate.

In hair transplantation, the question of when the transplanted hair grows is the first question that is wondered immediately after the procedure.

The process of hair growth after the procedure is as follows;

  • After 8-10 days of the transplantation process, the scalp will look like it has been cut short.
  • After 2-3 months after the procedure, spillage called shock spillage occurs, but this is not a situation to be feared.
  • The hair starts to grow in the following 5th month and afterwards. Hair continues to grow for about a year.

The Right Steps in Hair Transplantation Process

In the hair transplantation process, a good research and taking the right steps play an important role both for health and for the success of the procedure. Hair transplantation should be performed by a team of experts in the field in a hospital environment. In this way, the possibility of encountering complication risks is eliminated due to the presence of a reliable environment with effective results. The steps to be taken after the procedure in question are as important as the decision process.

Following the instructions of the specialist allows the post-procedure process to pass comfortably and smoothly. Otherwise, the success of the procedure may be interrupted.

The specialist meticulously gives answers to questions such as when the transplanted hair grows and what to pay attention to after transplantation. Avoiding direct exposure to rain in the period covering two weeks after the transplantation process is one of the instructions to be given by the specialist. In the period covering about a month, instructions such as not doing very heavy sports and protecting from the sun if the procedure is carried out in the summer months are among the instructions that the specialist will elaborate and add.

How to Determine the Right Method for
Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplantation process is shaped within the framework of research and trust in the expert. DHI and Sapphire techniques developed within the FUE method, which has been used safely for about 20 years, are techniques that offer highly effective results for the problem in question. The fact that it is highly accepted in the world and its success rate of up to 97% makes DHI and Sapphire techniques integrated into the FUE method the first techniques that come to mind when it comes to hair transplantation.

Although DHI and Sapphire techniques play a very effective role in hair transplantation, many factors such as the structure of the hair, the degree of openness and the structure of the scalp are evaluated and the most appropriate technique is decided after the examination of the specialist.

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