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Where to Take Hair for Hair Transplantation?

Where to Take Hair for Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss, which is one of the most common problems that negatively affects social life, negatively affects everyone, regardless of men and women, and has extremely negative psychological effects. When hair loss increases and baldness occurs, while searching for a solution, different products and methods are tried before hair transplantation.

These can often worsen the situation and make the hair transplantation process more difficult. The operation, which is the most permanent and reliable way, is the most common question when researching where to take hair for hair transplantation? Is the procedure safe? Or will there be a problem? Questions such as these may cause the patient to experience confusion. In the process that requires an objective evaluation process, a detailed research and a doctor's practice in the operating room environment, where to remove hair for hair transplantation? The question is answered as follows:

  • Nape area; The hair in the nape area, which is specified as the donor area in hair transplantation and is most suitable for transplantation, is more resistant. Therefore, it is very effective against hair loss.
  • Beard area; In the process applied using different methods, the beard area can also be the donor area. In the beard area, follicles are taken from under the chin and neck. In this way, there is no aesthetic concern.
  • Chest area; The chest area, which comes after the nape and beard area for donor area selection, is another area that gives results that will ensure the satisfaction of the patient who will have a hair transplant procedure.

The nape of the neck, the area between the two ears, is the most suitable donor area for hair transplantation. However, if the nape of the neck is not suitable to receive enough grafts, the other areas listed above are the saving options for the patient to have permanent and healthy hair.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can occur due to many reasons. Accordingly, after determining the underlying cause of hair loss, a program is made. Some of the factors that cause hair loss can be listed as follows:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Inadequate and unhealthy nutrition
  • Intense stress
  • Environmental factors
  • Harmful habits

The process is initiated by the doctor who determines the most appropriate hair transplantation method and donor area after examining all factors and examining the patient.

How Does the Hair Transplant Process Proceed?

The hair transplantation process includes a wide range of time from the research to decide on the procedure to the post-procedure period. The success of the process depends on finding the right center.

Hair transplantation, which is a surgical operation, requires an operating room and application by a doctor. Otherwise, it may even cause life-threatening situations. Within the doctor's information, some of the most important elements are as follows:

  • Sharing pre-operative health history with the doctor
  • Stop alcohol, smoking, blood thinners one week before
  • Clean hair and wear loose clothes on the day of the operation
  • The first post-operative wash performed by the doctor ı
  • Protecting the scalp from the sun for one to two months
  • Not to smoke, drink alcohol or use blood thinners in the following week

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