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Causes and Treatments of Baldness (Alopecia)

Why Does Baldness Occur?

Baldness occurs if people cannot prevent it after being exposed to hair loss.

So, why does baldness occur?

According to the researches, the causes of baldness develop depending on genetic and non-genetic factors. Accordingly, many of the related conditions are of genetic origin. In other words, if your family members, especially your father has baldness or your mother has thinning hair, this condition in you is most likely genetic.

However, the condition still needs to be diagnosed correctly by a doctor. Treatment methods will also vary depending on the cause of the disease or the related condition.

After all, while hair loss within the normal hair loss limit is considered normal, if it exceeds this limit, a doctor's control is essential.

If you cannot understand this, you should still consult your doctor. Involving your doctor in the process will be the most effective thing you can do. For this, you can make an appointment with your physician at the nearest health institution.

Causes of Hair Loss

Since the main cause of baldness is hair loss, it is necessary to look at the causes of hair loss. For this, you can do detailed research or ask your doctor to diagnose your condition. The following items form the answer to the question of why baldness occurs.

  • The problem of baldness can occur genetically or non-genetically. The vast majority of cases are caused by genetic hair loss. Although genetic hair loss cannot be stopped, the severity and speed of hair loss can be reduced by various methods. The definitive treatment method for genetic hair loss is hair transplantation.
  • The first non-genetic factor is the presence of a skin condition. If there is a skin condition that causes hair loss, hair loss will stop with the elimination of this condition.
  • Hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss. Therefore, with the treatment method that provides hormonal balance, hair loss will stop.
  • Vitamin deficiencies such as B12, Vitamin D can also cause hair loss. As a result of the supplementation of the relevant vitamins, hair loss will be greatly reduced.
  • Stress is the most common condition among non-genetic factors. Therefore, hair loss will end with treatment methods that will reduce stress.
  • Intensive use of chemical products such as hair spray, gel, hair dye, etc. on the hair is also among the direct causes of hair loss. By stopping or reducing the use of these substances, hair loss will also end.

Hair Loss Treatment Methods

There are various treatment methods for hair loss.

As explained above, when the cause of hair loss is understood and the treatment is carried out and successful results are obtained, hair loss stops.

Therefore, if there is a great deal of hair loss in your hair, you should go to the doctor and decide whether the hair loss is genetic in the first place.

If it is genetic, hair transplantation is recommended as a definitive solution; if it is not genetic, the treatment will be realized by eliminating the relevant factors and the hair loss will end.

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