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Why Does Too Much Hair Loss Occur?

The question of why a lot of hair loss occurs is a popular search phrase for those who experience this problem, but it also brings with it a mistake such as making an unconscious choice from the results that may be encountered in research. The causes of hair loss can only be determined after a doctor's examination.

As a result of the patient's own research, the step to be taken without determining the underlying cause may worsen the situation. However, many cosmetic products that use the statements that they will reverse hair loss also bring more harm than good. In this sense, being conscious and taking the right steps while doing research is of great importance for both scalp and health.

There are many reasons for too much hair loss. These are

  • Hormonal factors
  • Malnutrition
  • B12, vitamin D deficiencies
  • Intense stress
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Harmful habits
  • Structural disorders affecting hair growth
  • Some medicines
  • It can be listed as diseases in which the scalp is affected.

Are Natural Methods Effective for Hair Loss?

Natural methods for hair loss are one of the results that can be encountered in the research of why a lot of hair loss occurs. There are dozens of natural mixtures such as apple cider vinegar, egg, garlic, olive oil, almond oil, coconut milk. Although these products may seem simple, their application without knowing the hair type, structure and allergies can cause great risks.

Although natural methods affect the shiny appearance of the hair, they do not have an effect such as hair growth. Natural methods that provide a better appearance by affecting the worn appearance of the hair require regular use for a very long time. When research is done on hair regrowth, it is seen that hair transplantation can be a permanent and definitive solution for this problem.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done And Is It Safe?

Hair transplantation is performed by placing the hair follicle cells called grafts taken from the nape area into the channels opened in the balding area. The reliability of the procedure is directly proportional to the centre. The hair transplantation procedure to be performed by a doctor in an operating theatre environment with sterile conditions is not only highly reliable, but also offers a permanent solution. Otherwise, hair transplantation procedure to be performed by centres and people who do not have sufficient equipment may cause many complications and permanent problems.

Hair transplantation performed by the right people in the right place, together with the care to be taken by the patient during the healing process, offers lifelong permanent successful results. Hair loss, which also brings psychological negativities, significantly reduces the quality of life. The problem in question, which affects the patient badly, is solved with hair transplantation and the patient's quality of life increases.

The procedure to be started after the necessary examination and determination of the area to be transplanted provides pleasing results. After the procedure, the patient, who will be informed by the doctor about the factors to be avoided and what to do about the area in question, can contribute to the success of the procedure by paying attention to these points.

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