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An implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone in place of the extracted tooth and used in place of the natural tooth root.

Wie Wird Ein Implantat Hergestellt?

First, the jawbone and gums are examined. If no obstacle to the implant is found, special screws are drilled into the jawbone under local anesthesia.

These screws serve as tooth roots. If the tooth has just been extracted, the implant can be placed in the jawbone immediately, but if the tooth has been previously extracted, the screw is placed, making space for the implant with the help of small drills from thin to thick, in place where the implant will be placed.

At this point, the gum is either cut or a small hole can be drilled without stitches. It takes an average of 3 months for the jaw to fuse with the screws. This technique is the best known and most commonly used implantation technique.

After the fusion process, which can also be referred to as healing, the permanent prosthetic tooth made of zirconium is placed on the screw and the process is complete. Using this technique, laser implant applications have recently been performed without making any incisions. This painless technique is preferred because the treatment is completed in a short time and in one step. Implant treatment with small implants can also be performed by placing them on the mucosa, also in a single procedure.

However, this is not a particularly aesthetic procedure. Although completing missing teeth is aesthetically important, the primary reason for implant treatments is to complete missing teeth without damaging the anterior and posterior teeth, as in the bridge procedure that has been commonly used in the past.

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