Kantoplasty (Almond Eye Aesthetics) Before And After


(Almond Eye Aesthetics)
Before And After

Badem Göz Ameliyatı Yöntemleri ve Avantajları

Almond Eye Aesthetics (Canthoplasty)

Cantoplasty is a surgical variant of almond eye aesthetics. It is a surgical operation preferred by people to give the eyes a younger and stronger appearance, vitality and attractiveness, and to correct symmetry disorders or strabismus. Surgical tonsillectomy is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. In this procedure, a small incision is made on the outside of the eye, and the eye is pulled up and suspended from the bone membrane. After this procedure, which takes an average of 30-60 minutes, the patient is discharged and can return to his daily life.

Before Almond Eye Aesthetics

Almond eye surgery is performed by plastic surgeons. The treating doctor will determine the most suitable shape for the face and will discuss with the patient. The advice of Experience des artes should be trusted. If the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not need to be sober, but if the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the person should not eat or drink anything for 8 hours before the operation. If the patient is taking blood thinners, they should be discontinued with the advice of a doctor. No chemical products should be applied to the face before the operation.

Kantoplasti Nedir?

After Almond Eye Surgery

The patient is discharged immediately after the procedure. On the 2nd day after the procedure, the patient is allowed to take a shower again. Sutures do not need to be removed as self-dissolving sutures are usually used. However, if non-dissolving stitches are used, they must be removed on the 7th day after the procedure. From the 10th day after the procedure, possible bruising and redness will decrease. From now on, the patient is considered fully recovered. Make-up and chemical products should not be applied to the face during the ten-day recovery period. During this time, the patient should lie on his back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Almond Eye Surgery a Painful Procedure?

Since the procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. Mild pain may occur later, which can be relieved with painkillers.

Are There Permanent Scars Caused by Almond Eye Surgery?

In general, 4-5 stitches are made that are invisible thanks to the self-melting threads during the procedure. Even if self-dissolving threads are not used, there will be no visible scars if the doctor's instructions are followed.

Does Tonsil Surgery Provide Permanent Results?

Surgery is a permanent procedure, but depending on the skin and skin structure, the skin may lose its elasticity and firmness over the years. In this case, the operation may need to be repeated after 4 years.

When Can I Put On Makeup Again After Almond Eye Surgery?

The healing process takes 10 days and when this is over, the patient can apply make-up again.

What is the Age Range for Tonsil Surgery?

As with other surgical procedures, the patient must be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for this operation as long as the patient's health condition allows and the doctor gives consent for the procedure.

Can Men Have Almond Eye Surgery?

Of course, men also want to look more alive and younger. Men and women who want to get rid of sleepy and sad eyes and have vivid and glamorous eyes can have almond eye surgery.

Almond Eye Surgery Prices 2022

Since the price policy of each clinic is different, it is not possible to set a fixed price for this procedure. Costs may vary according to the technical equipment of the clinic, the experience of the doctor and even the location of the hospital. Please contact us for detailed information and price requests.

Importance of Almond Eye Treatment in Beauty Tourism

Turkey is among the countries that have come to the fore in recent years with its quality, success, the most natural and beautiful results and result-oriented studies for tonsil surgery. Istanbul ranks first among the most popular cities for tonsil surgery with its qualified and experienced medical professionals, modern hospitals equipped with the latest technology, superior service and reasonable prices.

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