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Stomach Reduction

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, is one of the most important parts of obesity treatment, which is one of the biggest problems of modern times.

Weight gain, which results from irregular and unhealthy diet, excessive stress or trauma and increases continuously, reduces the quality of life by restricting mobility and impairing health.

Being overweight not only leads to heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure, but can also cause conditions such as cholesterol, cancer and stroke. In addition, significant health and psychological impairments are unavoidable.

Eliminating these negative aspects helps sufferers both physically and mentally.

Stomach reduction surgeries used to restore mental as well as physical health are in increasing demand by the day.

Performing Gastric Reduction Surgery

Stomach reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia as a laparoscopic, i.e. closed, operation.

The healing process in laparoscopic surgical procedures is faster and there is less pain after the procedure.

In stomach reduction surgery, 80% of the stomach is removed, allowing the person to feel full by eating less.

There are two ways in which stomach reduction surgery is performed. The first is known as gastric sleeve surgery.

As previously mentioned, it is a surgical procedure in which 80% of the stomach is removed and replaced with a thin, long tube. The second is suitable for people with very high body mass index, especially type 2 diabetes patients. It is a stomach reduction surgery called a gastric bypass.

How Long Does Gastric Reduction Surgery Take?

The procedure takes about 1.5 hours and is performed laparoscopically, so there is little or no pain.

Since both the entrance and exit of the stomach are not touched during the operation and the digestive system is not affected by the operation, it is a very safe surgical procedure that has hardly any side effects.

Who Is Suitable for Stomach Reduction Surgery?

One of the most important criteria for gastric reduction is the body mass index.

It is calculated as follows: body weight divided by height squared. The BMI thus classifies the following values: Values ​​below 18.5 are below the ideal weight. Values ​​between 18.5 and 24.9 are in the ideal range. Scores between 25 and 29.9 are above ideal weight and scores between 30 and 39.9 are well above ideal weight and are referred to as obesity. Anything over 40 is considered morbid obesity.

In cases where the body mass index is significantly above the ideal weight, i.e. between 30 and 39.9, the medical assessment is used to determine whether the patient is suitable for a stomach reduction surgery.

If the BMI is over 40, the patient is eligible for the procedure.

People who are extremely overweight, have diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea due to being overweight with a BMI over 30 are suitable for stomach reduction surgery.

Is There an Age Restriction for Stomach Reduction Surgery?

The healthiest way to lose weight is through exercise and diet.

This takes time and requires intense effort with the condition of acquiring and maintaining healthy eating habits.

A stomach reduction is useful if the person cannot lose weight despite these conditions, would like to shorten the weight loss process, or is unable to follow a sports and diet plan. The procedure usually involves no risks and achieves long-lasting successful results.

Considering the above conditions, there is no age limit for stomach reduction surgery. However, the patient must have reached the age of 18, otherwise the consent of the legal guardian is required. From the age of 65, the suitability of the patient is determined according to the state of health. Thus, for patients under 18 and over 65, the most important factor is medical assessment.

The Healing Process And The Period After Gastric Reduction Surgery

As already mentioned, a stomach reduction is performed laparoscopically, i.e. as a "closed operation".

Since no deep incisions are made and the surgical intervention is performed through a small hole, the healing process is short and the patient can quickly return to everyday life.

After the procedure, the person stays in the hospital for one night for control purposes. After the gastric reduction surgery, the patient can get up on the first evening and start walking lightly.

After a stomach reduction, you should pay attention to your diet, especially in the initial period, and follow the doctor's advice and instructions. Especially in the early days, liquid nutrition has a positive effect on the recovery process of the stomach.

It is important to follow the diet under the supervision of a nutritionist to achieve healthy results.

How Many Kilos Weight Loss Can A Stomach Reduction Achieve?

It varies depending on your body mass index and weight loss goals.

It can be said that depending on the BMI and the desired weight loss, a weight loss of 10 - 15 kg is possible in the first month.

At the end of the third month, the aim is to reduce the existing excess weight by 30%.

Losing weight after gastric surgery, changing your diet, exercising and living a healthy life in line with following the doctor's instructions will deliver successful results and a satisfying overall picture.

Provided the patient adheres to all guidelines, weight loss will continue for the first 18 months. The target weight loss in the first six months is 1-2 kg per week.

In the first year after the procedure, the expected weight loss is 60% of the excess weight. After the 18th month, the rate increases to 80% and the patient is improving daily, both in terms of health and ideal weight.

The Importance Of Gastric Reduction In Beauty Tourism

Turkey is in demand worldwide for gastric reduction surgery with its world-class service agencies, latest technology and equipment in line with world standards, considering its top hospitals with experienced and reliable doctors who are experts in their fields.

Added to this is an affordable pricing policy.

Due to the numerous procedures that are carried out to the highest customer satisfaction, Turkey has a very high priority in terms of beauty tourism and its reputation is increasing every day.

Turkey is the world metropolis for stomach reduction surgery and Istanbul is the main port of call in Turkey.

One of the most important institutions are organizations providing VIP services as agencies in Istanbul, which increases Turkey's preference in health tourism around the world by making the entire process easier for patients.

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