What Is Genital Aesthetics? What Are The Types?


What Is Genital Aesthetics? What Are The Types?

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics is performed to correct deformities in the vagina, to eliminate postpartum changes, to increase sexual pleasure, and to give the vagina a younger and more beautiful appearance.

Genital aesthetics, which can be applied to the inside and outside of the vagina, allows women to be more self-confident, increase their compatibility with their partners and increase sexual pleasure.

Types of Genital Aesthetics


It is applied to the inner lips of the vagina called the labium minor. It is performed to correct the appearance of the inner lips that are genetically enlarged or enlarged, sagging, lost their shape or become asymmetrical over time. In addition to optical discomfort, this condition can also be perceived as uncomfortable while sitting. In labiaplasty aesthetics, the inner lips are shortened as much as possible and as little tissue as possible is left. Aesthetic labiaplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or using the sedation method. There is no scar after the operation. Labiaplasty is also suitable for people who have not yet had sexual experience.

Labial Majoroplasty,

It is a type of genital aesthetics applied to the outer lips of the vagina called labium majus. For example, it is used to correct deformities that occur in cases where the inner lips are torn or stretched after birth, sagging due to weight gain, deformation due to aging, or when the inner lips are genetically larger than normal. After that, the outer lips will look tighter and more aesthetic. Majoroplasty is also suitable for people who have not had sexual experience yet. Like labiaplasty, majoroplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation.


Also called clitoral aesthetics, it is the process of removing excess tissue on the clitoris and suturing the remaining tissue with self-dissolving sutures. If the clitoris is larger than necessary, it can cause discomfort and fatigue during sexual intercourse, which can lead to psychological deterioration. For this reason, clitoral aesthetics helps to increase self-confidence, lead an active and trouble-free sexual life and increase compatibility with the partner. Cliteroplasty aesthetics is also performed under local anesthesia or with sedation.


It can also be defined as a vaginal tightening procedure. Vaginoplasty, which is used in the treatment of enlargement and enlargement of the vaginal walls due to aging, normal birth, frequent sexual intercourse and abortion, is a type of genital aesthetics in which the mucous membrane and muscle tissue on the back wall are removed and the vagina is inserted into the vagina. the remainder of the vagina will be sewn up. It can be said that after vaginoplasty, the pleasure from sexual intercourse increases for both the woman and her partner, and this has a psychologically positive effect on both sides. Vaginoplasty is the most popular and frequently used type of genital aesthetics.

Genital Estetik(genital-aesthetics)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Have Genital Aesthetics After Birth?

Regardless of the type of genital aesthetics, at least 3 months must have passed after birth for the operation.

Could There Be Sexual Reluctance After Genital Aesthetics?

Especially the psychologically positive aspect of the vagina looking younger and fresher affects the patient in the most positive way in terms of sexuality.

When Can It Be Returned To Sexual Relationship After Genital Aesthetics?

Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 6 weeks after aesthetic genital surgery.

How Long Does the Healing Process Take After Genital Aesthetics?

After genital aesthetic operations, the patient usually recovers within 2 weeks. Slight bruising and swelling that may occur after the surgery will disappear within this period. Mild pain is normal during this time and can be treated with doctor-prescribed pain medications. On the third day after the operation, the patient can take a shower and return to work. Heavy and strenuous activities should be avoided within two weeks after genital aesthetic application.

Is There an Age Limit in Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

The development of the female genital area continues until the age of 20. For this reason, genital aesthetics should not be performed in any way before the age of 20. There is no upper age limit, any woman with health needs can have this procedure.

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Genital aesthetic treatment prices vary according to the type of genital aesthetics to be performed, single or combined intervention, the doctor applying the treatment, the clinic and even the city. Please contact us for detailed information and appointment.

Importance of Genital Aesthetics in Beauty Tourism

Turkey hosts guests from all over the world for genital plastic surgeries. Hygienic and luxury clinics, doctors and surgeons who are experts in their fields, practicing and training around the world, agencies that offer first-class service and affordable prices are among the positive aspects that make Turkey a popular destination for genital plastic surgeries. Istanbul is the center of aesthetic interventions in Turkey. The patient has the opportunity to get a digital preview of the possible outcome in advance by submitting the photos.

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