What is Hair Transplantation? What Are The Methods?


What is Hair Transplantation?
What are the Methods?


What Is Hair Transplantation?

Although the history of hair transplantation dates back to ancient times, it has become more common in the last 15 years, especially in our country. One of the biggest reasons for this is that nowadays people pay more attention to their appearance and aesthetics. Therefore, hair transplantation is the best and healthiest choice. Hair is one of the elements that significantly affects the appearance of men or women and attracts the most attention at first glance. And, perhaps the people who suffer the most with hair problems are men.

Regardless of the age factor, men face many problems such as hair loss, lightening or baldness more than women. As such, the high demand for hair transplantation, especially by men, is directly proportional to this situation. However, hair problems appear as a serious problem experienced by many people due to different reasons such as genetic structure, health reasons, stress, regardless of male or female. It leads to unhappiness and even a lack of self-confidence.

If You Are Asking Why Should I Have Hair Transplant
Here Is The Answer;

  • As we have just mentioned, to prevent the negative psychological effects of the hair problem on the person and to increase the quality of life,
  • To solve the hair problem in the most natural, effective and permanent way,
  • One of the most important reasons why people prefer the hair transplant method is that the procedure is performed only with the person's own hair follicles, without using any chemicals. In addition, as a result of the process done with your own hair follicles, it is also important to have a natural and desired appearance.
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What Are Hair Transplantation Methods?

In the field of hair transplantation, the only method that has been accepted all over the world and that provides the most natural and most efficient results is the FUE method. Over time, DHI and Sapphire techniques have been developed in order to adapt to every hair structure and every scalp within the FUE method, and these techniques, which will be decided by considering the advice of the expert, will bring you the most natural, most efficient and best results.

Best Hair Transplant Center?

And, here we come to perhaps the most important part of the work. In the light of all these reasons, you have decided to have a hair transplant, but you do not know where and how to get it done in the healthiest and safest way. At this point, you are in the right place right now. As FirstClass-Esthetic, we are at your side to help you achieve the look you dream of with 15 years of experience, expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment in the field of hair transplantation, as in many other fields. Our business is not trade, it is your health and happiness...

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