What Is Hybrid Prosthesis? What Are The Advantages?


What Is Hybrid Prosthesis? What Are The Advantages?

What Is Hybrid Prosthesis?

A denture tooth is a missing tooth treatment method used to replace missing teeth due to age, genetic reasons or lack of care due to damage to teeth, gums and tissues. The dentures are attached to the gums or can be removed.

As in any field, the changing times and the development of technology bring innovations also in dental treatment, allowing the treated to continue their life more comfortably and pleasantly every day during and after the treatment process.

Missing teeth have both psychological and health negative effects on people.

Since the teeth can be considered the starting point of the digestive system, a deficiency also affects chewing.

It can lead to lisp and create an uncomfortable and unaesthetic image.

This can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

The hybrid prosthesis can be described as a further development of the existing, fixed and removable prostheses.

How Is The Hybrid Prosthesis Used?

Hybrid dentures are a type of dentures that are suitable for both complete tooth deficiencies and regional deficiencies, specially prepared, fully compatible with gums and tissues, providing full comfort and aesthetic appearance to the person.

The hybrid prosthesis is placed on an acrylic base consisting of 4-6 implant screws, ensuring that the prosthetic teeth specially prepared for the person are perfectly connected to the dental tissue. In short, it's part of the all-on-four treatment.

Who Are Hybrid Dentures Suitable For?

Since the hybrid prosthesis is an implant-based treatment method, it is important that the patient's bone density and volume are complete.

If there is a lack of bone density and volume, the person should first have a sinus lift treatment. It can be said that it is a viable treatment method for anyone whose jaw and bone tissues are in a suitable condition or will be suitable after treatment. The more detailed information on this subject will be provided by the doctor after the examination.

What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid prostheses are fixed prostheses and can only be removed by a doctor if necessary.

At the point where the prosthetic teeth meet the gums, they can adapt perfectly.

They are also very suitable for the local treatment of individual teeth, thanks to the possibility of making the prostheses in natural dimensions and in the natural color of the tooth.

In case of possible infection or inflammation, they can be easily removed and treated by the doctor.

Compared to other types of prostheses, it is the method that comes closest to chewing your own teeth. Hard vegetables and fruits can also be eaten with hybrid prostheses.

The angle or position of the implants does not affect the hybrid prosthesis. In compliance with all conditions, healthy and aesthetic results can be achieved.

The Importance Of The Hybrid Prosthesis In Beauty Tourism

Turkey is one of the world's leading health tourism centers for dental health and dental aesthetics.

The hybrid prosthesis is successfully used together with the implant treatment in Turkey.

Successful, healthy and aesthetic results increase the demand day by day.

With its excellent equipment, experienced specialists and first-class service providers, Turkey is one of the preferred countries for hybrid prostheses.

In combination with the affordable prices, the number of patients is increasing every day.

As a first-class aesthetic, we continue to work to serve our guests who have chosen us and want to follow their path with us, with the same care and sensitivity in all our aesthetic and health services, together with specialist doctors and hospitals who are technically are fully equipped to make you feel comfortable and taken care of during your stay in our country.

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