What Is Jawline (Chin Aesthetics) Filling? How Is It Applied?


What Is Jawline (Chin Aesthetics) Filling?
How Is It Applied?


What Is Jaw Line Aesthetics?

In this procedure, fat is injected on both sides of the chin using fine-tipped needles and cannulas. This runs along the bones of the mandibular region from chin to ear and serves to smooth the jawlines and define the chin. The Jawline jawline aesthetic, which has been very popular recently, makes the jaw area look more angular and can be extended if desired.

It is a filling process that can be easily applied to every man or woman to eliminate unsightly facial features and to obtain sharper facial lines. The process of clarifying the lip, nose and jaw lines takes an average of 20 minutes. Jaw line injection does not need to be done under anesthesia, the area to be treated is anesthetized with the help of anesthetic creams.

Substances such as endogenous fat cells, hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen, calcium hydrocdilapatite and biodegradable polymer are used as fillers.

Who Can Have Jawline Treatment?

  • Individuals with jaw deformity due to genetic or external factors
  • People with small or slanted chin
  • People with asymmetric chin area
  • Those who want to have sharper and more prominent facial features
  • People with age-related skin sagging in the chin area
  • People who desire a youthful and vibrant face shape with a pointed chin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chin Aesthetics a Painful Procedure?

Since anesthetic creams are used during the procedure, there is no pain. The post-procedure period is described by patients as a pleasant and trouble-free process. Any mild pain that may occur can be easily controlled with mild painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

Recovery period after Jawline jaw line injection If hyaluronic acid is used, there is no recovery period, the patient can return to his normal life immediately after the procedure. In autologous fat injections, slight bruising and swelling may occur due to liposuction. These may take up to 2 weeks to decrease.

Does Chin Aesthetics Provide Permanent Results?

  • If the procedure was done with hyaluronic acid, the duration is between 6 months and a year.
  • Shelf life in oil injections is 2-3 years.

How Long Does It Take to See the Final Result After a Jawline Aesthetics?

The final result is seen 2 weeks after the procedure.

Is Jawline Chin Aesthetics Also Suitable For Men?

  • Today, this aesthetic intervention is perceived equally by men and women.
  • The aim in men is to achieve a tougher and masculine appearance.

Jawline Chinline Aesthetic Prices 2022

Jaw prices vary according to the method of application, the material to be used and the amount of material. For detailed price information, a medical examination must be passed. Please do not hesitate to contact us to set up an inspection appointment or for more information.

The Place of Jawline Aesthetics in Beauty Tourism

When it comes to Jawline aesthetics, Turkey is a popular destination due to its positive aspects such as high-tech luxury clinics, experienced doctors and expert teams, top-notch service and last but not least: unbeatable prices. Istanbul is the center of Turkey in terms of beauty tourism. Through professional agencies, the patient has the opportunity to send their own photos in advance so that they can see the possible result in the digital environment.

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