What Is Metal Supported Porcelain Veneer?


What Is Metal Supported Porcelain Veneer?

Metal-supported dental crowns are fixed dental prostheses whose raw material consists only of metal alloys.

The metal coating, which can be stated as the most resistant type of coating against abrasion and deformation, has an extremely resistant structure in the event of biting or in the event of an impact/impact.

When the metal support, which is made by combining alloys such as chromium, cobalt, chromium-nickel, gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, is coated with porcelain, the required durability and the desired degree of whiteness of the teeth are obtained.

Over time, metal-supported crowns, the most preferred in recent years, have been replaced by zirconia crowns because of their low solar transmission, inability to fully conform to the gums, and also inability to adjust. However, they offer a price advantage over other coating applications because they are made of metal alloys.

However, considering its durable nature, it is a good method, especially for treating the teeth at the back of the mouth.

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