What Is Porcelain Tooth Veneer? How Is It Done?


What Is Porcelain Tooth Veneer? How Is It Done?

What Is Porcelain Tooth Veneer?

It is a coating closer to the natural color of the high solar permeability tooth, made durable by the addition of glass ceramic to the high pressure compacted ceramic. It can be used to correct dental deformities, repair cracked or asymmetrical teeth, remove wear-related discoloration, and aesthetically lengthen or shorten teeth.

How Is The Coating Done?

First, the dentist takes x-rays of the teeth and measures them.
The teeth are then thinned under local anesthesia by light grinding, so that the veneers can be inserted. The coatings are sent to the laboratory for preparation.
The finished veneering teeth are tried on on the patient.

When the patient is satisfied with the size, color and shape, the veneers are returned to the laboratory for polishing. The ready-to-insert veneer teeth are inserted into the patient's mouth using a special adhesive.

Once the anesthesia wears off, there are no restrictions on food and drink intake.
Although the veneers are very strong, they are not suitable as a bridge.
Therefore, they are not suitable for the treatment of missing teeth and root canals, as well as posterior molars.

It can be said that it is more appropriate to treat deformation or discoloration of the front teeth.

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