What Is Sinus Lift? Is It A Dangerous Procedure?


What Is Sinus Lift? Is It A Dangerous Procedure?

What Is Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that is mostly used in the jaw area in people needing implants, where bone density is insufficient, or where there is no bone in the area to be implanted, to provide bone formation.

Implant treatment is not possible without the necessary bone volume and bone density.

The procedure is performed in the area where implantation is needed. In cases where there is or is no bone density, this is supplemented by adding bone powder by opening a small window in the wall surrounding the inside of the sinus cavity.

The sinus lift is performed by an oral surgeon under local anesthesia.

Sinus lift is applied in two ways, as a closed or open procedure.

In cases where the bone volume is less than 4 mm, open sinus lift surgery is appropriate. Thereafter, a waiting period of 3 to 6 months is appropriate until adequate bone density is available. During this period the bone density will complete or build up and at the end of this period the area will be suitable for implantation. With a closed sinus lift, bone density is greater than 4mm.

In this case, the treatment time is shorter and the implant treatment can be performed immediately after the closed sinus lift.

Period After Sinus Lift

For the success and duration of the operation, it is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations and instructions and to take the prescribed medications regularly.

You shouldn't eat or drink for the first two hours after the procedure.

To avoid infection, you should avoid touching the area.

While careful oral hygiene speeds up the healing process, smoking prolongs it.

Being careful when blowing your nose and keeping your mouth open when sneezing protects against stitching damage.

Is Sinus Lift A Dangerous Procedure?

If the sinus lift is performed by the right doctor, the chance of complications is very low.

All operations carry certain risks, with a sinus lift operation this can manifest itself as a rupture of the inner sinus wall (tear in the inner wall of the sinuses).

Small cracks are fixed immediately and the process picks up where it left off. In case of large lacerations, the operation is delayed and the sinus wall regenerates.

In both cases, the treatment is quite simple.

It is important to note that the liquid you drink after the operation does not come out of your nose.

If so, it's important to see a doctor right away.

The Importance of Sinus Lift in Beauty Tourism

The main criterion in beauty tourism is choosing the right facility with the right doctor and treatment team.

Sinus lift is a surgical procedure that has been used successfully in Turkey for a long time.

In terms of dental care, Turkey is among the most successful and most visited countries in beauty tourism. With expert doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals in terms of development, as well as agencies that professionally accompany their patients as guests on their journey.

Furthermore, our patients who come from abroad also prefer Turkey because of the affordable prices.

As First Class Esthetic, we welcome every guest who has chosen us for health or aesthetic reasons with the same care, maintaining our focus on customer satisfaction and doing everything possible to continue pursuing the goal with the same enthusiasm as on the first day to move our country forward.

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