What Is Smile Relex Laser? Who Is It Suitable For?


What Is Smile Relex Laser?
Who Is It Suitable For?

ReLEx Smile Laser

ReLEx Smile Laser for the treatment of myopia and astigmatism.

  • Offer a personalized treatment method.
  • Per fine myopia at -10 diottrie
  • Per fine astigmatism at -5 diottrie
  • The procedure is followed by the use of a scalpel.

✓ Potrebbe also essere described as a delicate and conservative weaving method based on the latest technological progress.

✓ The ReLEx Smile laser method is also noted as surgery of the laser radiation of the third generation.

✓ The cornea is not danneggiata and the method is also adapted for the treatment of the corneal strutture più sottili.

✓ Poiché during the procedure is not created at all, the biomechanism of the cornea is protected.

✓ The method that can be used in person with ocular dryness and does not cause ocular dryness.

✓ Regarding the alternative method of laser treatment (PRK, Lasik, No Touch), this procedure involves a minor surgical intervention.

✓ If it eliminates the need to close or slow down contact and if it increases the comfort and the quality of life.

Why is the Relex Smile Laser Method Indicated?

For the person from 18 to 45 years old with myopia or astigmatism, and whose diottric values have not changed in the last year and the general health of the eye and cornea is adequate. È adatto also a persone with valori diottrici elevati.

To outline another important feature of the ReLEx Smile laser method, it is worth remembering that it can be used effectively by your person who is subject to physical shock for allo sport or lavoro, such as police or soldiers.

Implementation of the Relex Smile Laser Method

  • Since the need to create a lembo, a soft lens is created, with a disc-shaped lens, its cornea with a small incision using femptosecond technology.
  • The removal of the lens creates nell'occhio changes the shape of the cornea.
  • The error of the rifrazione isistente nell'occhio comes corretto.
  • It is a brief procedure with a fast processo di guarigione.

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