What is Women Hair Transplantation? How Is It Performed?


What is Women Hair Transplantation?
How Is It Performed?

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What is Women Hair Transplantation?

Although men have been at the forefront of women's hair transplantation in recent years, the demand for hair transplantation in women is undeniably high. The main reasons for this are;

  • Hair is perhaps one of the most striking and most important visual details on a woman,
  • Genetic structure, health reasons, stress, aging etc. Many factors, such as hair loss or baldness,
  • And, the attention that women take to their appearance.

As such, women demands for hair transplantation are increasing day by day. Whether for aesthetic reasons or other health reasons, hair transplantation is one of the life-saving methods for women. While baldness and sparse hair are acceptable in men, this is unfortunately the opposite in women. Hair loss and baldness in women create very negative psychological effects. It reduces the quality of life of the person and causes loss of self-confidence. Hair loss and baldness in women can be prevented by hair transplantation. This method; While it allows you to have natural, healthy and strong hair, it also makes you happy in terms of aesthetics and psychology.

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How is Hair Transplantation Applied in Women?

  • Fue method is also used when performing hair transplantation in women.
  • Complete shaving is not performed as in men. Only the donor area determined in the nape area is shaved, and since this shaved area will remain under the hair on top, the shaved donor area will not be visible, and there will be no bad appearance.
  • Grafts (hair follicles) are taken from the donor area (neck) with the help of a micro motor.
  • The grafts are placed in the opened channels and the transplantation process is completed.
  • Transplantation is performed by applying local anesthesia.
  • The process takes an average of 6-7 hours.

What is the Cost of Female Hair Transplantation?

Since the number of roots that each person will need will be different, it is not possible to give a clear price here. But you can contact us for both price information and detailed information, and you can get a clear answer to any question that comes to your mind.

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