Why Is Turkey Istanbul The Right Choice For Hair Transplant?


Why Is Turkey
Istanbul The Right Choice For Hair Transplant?

The FUE method has been used worldwide for about 20 years, including in Turkey.

When asking the question "Why hair transplant in Turkey?" or "Why in Istanbul?", it is best to look at the successful results of transplants performed in Turkey as an undisputed reference.


At the present time, both the necessary experience of the experts and their teams, as well as the advanced development of integrated transplantation techniques, have made Turkey one of the most preferred locations in the world.


People from all over the world who come to Istanbul for hair transplantation are welcomed at the airport by the company's transfer teams and all transportation is provided by these teams during their stay in Istanbul. In other words, the person who wants to have a hair transplant will be transported from the airport to the 5-star hotel where he will be accommodated and throughout the stay, the hotel-hospital-airport transportation is always guaranteed by the transfer team .

Accommodation And Duration

The time required for hair transplantation in Turkey is 3 days. On the first of these three days, the hair transplant is performed by the specialist and his team. On the second day, the bandages are removed by the specialist, and the first wash is done on the third day. In other words, people who prefer Istanbul for hair transplant have time on the second and third days to explore the city of Istanbul and its beauty.

Price and Quality

Besides all these advantages that Turkey offers in the field of hair transplantation, an important factor in addition to the high quality is the price range.

The cost of the whole hair transplant process is much higher for foreign guests in their own country.

In short, Turkey offers you:

  • experienced experts and their teams,
  • accommodation in a 5-star hotel,
  • hassle-free transport options and, of course, above all, the best possible result at a much lower cost